Advance Tax - Form 26AS

I have paid an Advance tax and it is not showing in form 26AS. What should I do?

Hi @riya_gupta

There are several reasons as to why tax credit as seen in Form 26AS might not match with the amount actually deducted as shown in the salary slips. Some of the reasons could be as follows -

  1. Amount of tax deducted from salary is not correctly reported by the employer,
  2. TDS deduction is reported in the wrong section, or
  3. The amount deposited with the government as TDS is wrongly mentioned

Other reasons for such an error maybe because of the wrong PAN being given to the deductor. A common mistake may include quoting the wrong Assessment Year or marking incorrect category of taxes paid while depositing advance tax or self-assessment tax can also lead to mismatch.

In such cases, you need to contact your deductor immediately to rectify this mistake or contact your jurisdictional Assessing Officer (AO) whose details can be found on the TIN-NSDL portal. It would be better to contact the Assessing Officer (AO) itself as the power of making corrections in challans lies in their hands.

You can go through this video of Advance Tax to in order to have a better understanding -

Hope this helps you! In case of any query related to taxes, feel free to write to us or contact us at Quicko.