Annual Return for LLP

I had a query, how can I file Annual Return for LLP?

Hey @Nandana

Annual return of LLP is to be filed in e-Form 11. Fill in the details regarding LLP and Designated Partners like their contribution, etc. Details of LLP and or company in which Partner/Designated Partner are a Director/Partner is mandatory to attach with the form.

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Hey Aishwarya,

I have a question regarding two things with LLP FORM 11

  1. I have recently incorporated my LLP on 07-11-2020, What should be the START OF FINANCIAL YEAR DATE in the 2. Option?
  2. What should be the mandatory Attachment to be attached with the Form 11, if the partners in the LLP DOES NOT have any other directorship or interest in any of the LLP or Company.

Hey @Ujvin_Nevatia

  1. As per LLP Act, Financial Year means the period starting 1st of April and ending 31st March of the following year. However, since your LLP has been incorporated after 1st April, your financial year will start from the date of incorporation, i.e., 07/11/2020.

  2. Details of Designated Partners is a mandatory attachment for Form-11 even if the Designated Partners are not Directors/ Designated Partners in any other entity. You can mention “NIL” in the field where you are supposed to mention the name of LLP/Company against the DPIN or each Designated Partner.

You can download the format of details of designated partners here

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What is meaning of the field: Total contribution received by all the partners?
Is it the profit received from the firm or the capital contribution by the partners?

Hey @SlickNick

The field ‘Total contribution received by all the partners’ indicates the capital contribution brought in by the partners of the LLP and not the profit.

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Yes, thank you for your prompt reply

I have a query, what are the details required of partners who are also directors of companies abroad

Hey @farheen_feroz

The documents required of the designated partners of the proposed LLP do not change even if they are a director in a foreign company. Hence, the documents required are as under:

  1. Self attested copy of PAN and Aadhaar card
  2. Self-attested copy of proof of identity and proof of residential address
  3. Consent to act a partner of LLP in Form-9
  4. Passport-sized photograph
  5. Other basic details like email ID, mobile number, educational qualification, etc.

You can learn more about the details required to file the forms here

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