Are my maturity proceeds from ULIP Taxable?

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Hello @pankaj_lakhanpal,

The taxation on ULIP was updated from 1st February 2021 and the change in taxation is prospective. Since the policy purchased by you is prior to that date it would be taxed as Income from other sources only.

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I bought a “UTI” ULIP in 2007 and it matured in April 2022, my sum insured for the same was around 5 lakh and I have been paying a premium of 32k every year from 2007 till 2019. And I got some bonus units in Jan 2022. How will it be all taxed including the bonus units??

I am new and want to understand taxation on ELSS/ULIP investments. I have a few questions: -

  1. If I am investing in MF and redeeming 1L profit yearly (which is tax-free) then whether profit of 1L from my ELSS or ULIP investment (if I start it) also be tax-free (hence total 2L tax-free profits)?

  2. How returns on ELSS are taxed - (a) does the tax deducted at source yearly basis like on FDs (at our ELSS AMC) before giving returns (and hence total investment value next year is tax-adjusted) to the investor? or (b) No tax will be deducted irrespective of profits generated and years invested, unless we redeem/sell them and we need to show in our ITR for that financial year(s) when we sold ELSS/ULIP unit(s)?

  3. If I am already investing in PPF and insurance 2L (cap 1.5L in 80C) yearly and MFs (assume MF are also giving profits 1L each year - which I am redeeming every year) then whether investing in ELSS/ULIP and showing under 80C in ITR will give me any additional tax benefits?

  4. What would be the case if, in point #1 above, I am investing in MFs for the long term (i.e. not redeeming MFs for 1L tax-free profits)? Given the 80C limit already taken by PPF and insurance premium, then whether ELSS/ULIP be tax beneficial to me in this case - (a) When I am selling only ELSS/ULIP units yearly while not selling any MF units/investments; (b) Neither selling ELSS nor selling MF units/investments for a period of say 10 years?

  5. Whether ELSS/ULIP investments come under the Exempt, Exempt, and Exempt category - like PPF? Or any cap on tax exemption at maturity (say withdrawing from ELSS/ULIP after 20 years)?


Hey @AG_125,

  1. There is a combined limit on LTCG. If there is any LTCG from sale of listed equity shares or ELSS or Equity based MF or ULIP there is exemption upto ₹1 Lakh.
  2. The difference between the sales consideration received and the amount of investment done in ELSS is considered Capital gains and taxed. Any income received during the period of holding by way of dividend then it is taxed as Other Source Income. The amount shall be total dividend without reducing the TDS deducted.
  3. As mentioned by you, the limit under 80C is already exhausted by investing in PPF and insurance, you won’t get any additional benefit under 80C with respect to ELSS or ULIP.
  4. The taxation will be same, it will be considered as LTCG with exemption upto ₹1 Lakh.
  5. No, any income received during the period you hold ELSS or ULIP is taxable under Other Source Income and at the time of redeeming the units they are taxed as LTCG.

You can read more on ELSS Mutual Fund and ULIP Taxation

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Appreciate your response… we are getting a refund because it is an NRE account and we dont have any other tax liability… if this is a resident account still he can claim this refund provided no tax liability…

Can a resident indian claim refund the TDS deducted by ICICI pru life insurance ULIP plan
if he does NOT have any tax liability during filing returns

Hey @Fazlu,

Yes, if the TDS exceeds your tax liability for the year, you can claim it as a refund.

Hope this helps!