Capital gains from IPO

I am a salaried person and I got an IPO which I sold for the profit of Rs 2000. Now is this my short-term capital gains? and do I have to show it in my ITR?

Hi @Aditya, If you are allotted shares via an IPO and you sell these shares on or before 12 months of holding, the gain (difference between the sale price and issue price) will be liable to be charged under the head ‘short term capital gain‘. The rate of tax on such gain is a special rate of 15%, and you should report it when filing your ITR.

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Thank you for the quick response.

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1 more thing. As my salary is around 4L and till 5L there is a rebate of 12500 u/s 87A, so Rs 300 (15%) tax will also be rebated as it comes under the limit of 12500. So, now do I have to fill ITR2 and need to show this in my short-term capital gains, or can I ignore it as filing ITR2 is lengthy and time consuming than filing ITR1?