Chapter VI A Deductions and Tax Savings

Individuals and HUFs can claim income tax deductions on certain investments and expenses undertaken during the financial year. If you have any doubts related to these deductions, you can ask them in here.

i have declared savings bank account interest in income from other sources; however it is not filling anything in exemption under u/s80TTA.
Can someone please explain why this is happening?

@TeamQuicko can you please help here?

Hi @khushboo_soni, if the total interest that you are earning is below Rs. 10,000 then the actual interest shall be exempt. However if the total interest that you earned in above Rs. 10,000, then only Rs. 10,000 can be claimed as tax exemption.

Hello @Yash_Kaviya ;somehow quicko is not picking up ; it is less than 10k and should appear in tax break category.

Happy to help you @khushboo_soni, have noted your query. This issue shall be resolved soon.