Composite dealer accounting records

A retail pharmacy store dealer composite scheme registered in gst act purchase of medicines different tax rates(1 ,12,18 percent)and sale to counter sales through on Google pay and phone pay online mode and cash mode sales two types amounts doubt: dealer how to accounting entry passed procedure in books

@AkashJhaveri @Kaushal_Soni @Divya_Singhvi @Laxmi_Navlani can you?

Hi @Sundaraiah_Kollipara

Dealers opting for a composition scheme are not allowed to take the input tax credit of tax paid and also they cannot to charge GST from the customer.

They have to make very simple entries as follows

On sale of goods
Bank/ Cash/ Any wallet A/c Dr
To Sale A/c

On Purchase of goods
Purchase A/c Dr
To Bank A/c

On payment of Composition Fees
Composition Fees A/c Dr
To Bank A/c

Hope this helps!