Defective Return Notice u/s 139(9)

I have received a defective return notice for non-filing of the audit report. How to respond to that?

Hi @emmy

There are 3 steps to follow:

  1. Submit a Tax Audit Report prepared by CA,
  2. Prepare a revised return,
  3. File response on Income Tax E-filing Website.

Hope this helps!

I filed my return with tax dues and got notice u/s 139(9). What should I do if the time limit has expired for response u/s 139(9) and I wish to file a response?

Hey @emmy

You can file the revised return from your login on Income Tax E-filing Website. File this return u/s 139(5) and not under 139(9) with details of the original return.

I forgot to mention balance sheet details in ITR-3 and received a notice. What is the solution?

Hi @emmy

There are 2 steps to resolve defect and file a response with the Income Tax Department:

  1. Prepare a revised return including balance sheet details,
  2. File response on Income Tax E-filing Website for the notice.