Discrepancy in Form 26AS Details

TDS has been deducted by my tenant from the rent he paid, but is not reflected in my Form 26AS.
What should I do?

Hi Niraj,

The due date to file TDS is 7th of the following month - except for in the case of march, when the due date is 30th April. You could wait till the next month or contact your tenant regarding this discrepancy (if the discrepancy is for previous months).

Hope this helps

TDS details shown in Form 26AS are OK in my case. But I find difficulty in filing ITR as the full TDS details do not find place in IT e-filing site (pre-filled form); I don’t find any method to fill up the TDS figures manually. While the Form 26AS contains tax deducted in respect of both Salary(Pension) Income and Non-salary income, the IT new website contains figures of tax deducted in respect of Salary income only.

Hey @nkjob, this is an error on the IT portal which is yet to be fixed. In the case where your form 26AS details are not entirely shown on the IT portal, you can enter the data manually from your form 26AS while filing your return in the online mode.