Dual taxation foreign income


I’ve few clarifications regarding tax deduction on foreign income. I’ve recently return to India on 11th December 2020 after on-site role in Australia. During Jan month india payroll, tax calculated for whole FY and deducted from Jan to Mar month paytoll. I was getting salary in australia from April 2020 to Dec 2020 and tax deducted in Australia payroll. After return in Dec 2020, tax was also deducted for same April to Dec on Jan 2021 to march india payroll even though I haven’t got any india salary. It’s dual tax on same salary from April 2020 to Dec 2020.

I read some of earlier post and form 67 other documentation to be done at the time of tax filling. I’m interested know about your service and get your expert assistance to file my return when i get my form 16. Its more complex process for me to do it myself. Is there any contact number to talk to experts.


Hi @Gugan

If your income is doubly taxed than you can claim the credit of the same in your Income Tax Return based upon the DTAA between the countries. In order to claim the relief, you need to file Form 67 on IT Portal before the due date of filing the income tax return.

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