e-Campaign Compliance has the deadline extended can something be done now

Received a intimation SMS on 28March 2021 that Income Tax Department has identified high value information which does not appear to be in line with the income Tax Return files for Assessment Year 2020-21. Please revise ITR/Submit online response under e-Campaign tab on Compliance Portal.

After the deadline I checked on Compliance Portal and realized that i had under mentioned my Interest Income from savings account. So i confirmed on Compliance portal that the information is correct. This i did on 5th April.

I was informed that as the 31st march 2021 has expired now nothing much can be done and i have to wait for income tax notice.

Yesterday i read in newspaper that the deadline for filing income tax return has been extended till end of May.
Can something be done now or i should wait ?

Important inputs : Filed return for AY-2020-21 on 29/12/2020 (139(1)) ITR-1
Received intimation of ITR Processed 6th Jan 2021 u/s 143(1)
As per the 143 (1) net amount payable/refundable was zero

SMS Received : 28 March 2021 for compliance
Compliance portal response submitted : 5th April 2021

Hi @SumKum,

You can file a revised return for FY 2019-20, till 31st May 2021.

Here’s another article you might find useful,

You also reach out to team Quicko for any assistance you need for filing the revised ITR to responding to intimation by the ITD. We are always here to help :slight_smile:

Thanks @Nireka ,

I had used ITR-1 for the filing the Original return.
Now when i login on Income tax website select relevant details and ITR-1.
I only get the following in the drop-down.
119(2)(b)-after Condonation of delay.

Is it because my ITR was already processed under 143 (1) (net amount payable/refundable was zero) on 6 Jan 2021.

Should i wait for the IT department to rectify the technical thing on their website.



The e-filing of the revised return for FY 2019-20 is yet to be enabled. You should wait until the Income Tax Department enables filing of the revised return.

We’ll notify once it is enabled, follow Quicko on Twitter to stay updated :slight_smile: