ESPP capital gain/loss in INR while transacted in dollar


I am using Quicko platform for filing IT return. Thanks for nice interface!

I am working in US based MNC. I have got ESPP shares with 15% discount in January 2022 for which company has done perquisite tax deduction as applicable. I have sold the shares in Feb.
Now I want to list these shares in capital gain/loss section. When I go for adding foreign listed shares, it asks for buying/selling prices in Rupees. But I got and sold the shares in dollar and then transferred them into India. How do I list buying/selling prices in INR. Also what charges should I include as expenses e.g. can I include commission by bank for dollar → INR conversion. Also can I include 15$ commission by foreign broker for transferring selling amount.
Quicko didn’t ask me for foreign asset Schedule FA? Do I need to fill it


Does we need to apply Rule 115 here i.e. consider preceding month tt buying rate.