Expenses a trader can claim

Hey, Income from F&O is considered as non speculative business and hence your loss from F&O can be set off against intraday gains

Expenses like brokerage, DP, etc are included in the cost of acquisition and you can claim these expenses while filing your ITR. However, you can’t claim STT expense against your capital gain

You can claim expenses like depreciation of asset or anything other expense that is directly connected to your business while filing your ITR.

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Can you please let me know, how to add a trader’s expenses to tax planner/tax filing form?
For example, how to add an amount that is spent on a YouTube channel subscription related to trading?


Hi @Nagaraj_Chillale, you can add this expense under two brackets- Advisory Expense or Other Expenses when you are filing your return through Quicko. Let me know if you need any further assistance, would gladly assist you. :blush:

Thank you Yash,

can’t this option be available in Tax planning?


Welcome @Nagaraj_Chillale, when you are using the tax planning product, only input your Net Income which essentially means removing your deductions from your Gross and then putting in the value.

The picture demonstrates if you have a turnover of 5,00,000 and an expense of 50,000 over your gain of 1,50,000 then only input 1,00,000 as your Net P&L (1,50,000-expense of 50,000)

Let me know if you need any help.

Where to find these while filing ITR-3 from your portal

I was trying to file my returns through Quicko for the first time. I have income from my job and also some F&O trades (business income). Importing the form 16 data related to my job was seamless; I used the Zerodha P&L report and got the F&O details as well. But one thing i observed in the auto uploaded data was the ‘delayed payment’ charges that I have paid to zerodha for over utilization of non-cash margin component which is significant is not taken into consideration for expenses. Is this right? ITR 3 is being used for filing.

Hey, you can add your expenses while filing your ITR on Quicko. Here’s a guide that can help you with adding your business income along with claiming expenses

Hey @Muskan_Balar , can you please take a look at this?

Hey, can you please write to us on help@quicko.com so that our team can look into it?

And also how we have to show STT on our balance sheet. I am also an owner of Electronics business. Please help?

And also how we have to show STT on our balance sheet. I am also an owner of Electronics business. Please help?

Hey, you can claim STT as a business income and it won’t be reported in your balance sheet, rather it will be a part of your P&L statement.

Thank you for providing the solution