File Form 26QB on Sale of Property

Hi, I have 2 queries.

  1. There are 3 parties as the buyers of the flat, so should I file 3 different 26QB forms.
  2. If yes for point 1 above, then if the flat value is 70 lakhs, the TDS will be 70 thousand, in this case what amount should I be entering in the page where it is asking for the amounts to be entered for “Total Amount Paid/ Credited to seller” and “TDS Amount” in each of the buyer parties 26QB TDS form?

Should the amount paid be divided by 3 which is 70 lakhs/3 and same for the TDS which is 70 thousand/3?


Hi @Vinay_Digi

In this case, 3 different parties must file 3 different 26QB.
The amount paid should be divided by 3 and the same for TDS, and should be reported accordingly in individual 3 forms.

Thank you so much @Shrutika_Shah!

One follow up question : Should I divide the amount and TDS equally in the 3 26QB form, eventhough the actual contribution is not equal by the 3 parties? Or should I file as per the proportion of each parties contribution ?

Hey @Vinay_Digi,

The TDS will be divided proportionally to the amount of contribution made.

Thanks @Surbhi_Pal !

Hi Guys,

I am very new to all this TDS things, recently i have purchased a property and I was informed to pay TDS but there was a mistake of Date of Payment and Date of Deduction.

I received a mail and text messages as follows : “Defaults have been identified in the Regular statement filed by you for Acknowledgement Number AK10440474 and processed by ITD u/s 200A. Refer attached intimation for further details. Detailed computation of defaults is available in Justification Report which can be downloaded through TRACES. Please login to TRACES to request for Justification Report for the statement.”

Based on the instructions of the mail , I created the traces account and was able to login to the portal and viewed by defaults and files for correction.
After that I was able to make the changes and submit it for correction.

"Correction statement submitted successfully!
Correction statement for Acknowledgement Number AK10440474 has been submitted. Correction ID for this statement is 279004. You can check the status of the statement in ‘Track Correction Request’ under ‘Statements/Forms’ menu.

You are requested to print the Form 26QB Correction acknowledgement and submit the duly signed document along with supporting document for the corrections made to your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer within 14 days from the date of transmitting the data."

Now I am unable download the ack receipt for the correction and status is like Pending for AO Approval and AO details are empty.

Please let me know what can be the next step to complete this , should I need to reach out to the AO office or please do the needful


Hey @raghav_munna,

There’s no action required from your end. As the correction was filed today itself, you will have to wait for approval from the AO. It would take approximately around 15-30 days for AO’s approval.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you , do i need to go the incorm tax office for anything or its not required

Hey @raghav_munna,

As of now, you are not required to visit the office.

I received a mail and please find it below

Seeking necessary information for processing of 26QB challan correction request in your case- Regarding


In connection with the request received from you for correction in 26QB challan, you are hereby requested to furnish the following information:

(i). Copy of Sale/Purchase deed in which the consideration subjected to TDS is reflected.

(ii). Copy of challan in token of remitting the TDS into Central Govt. Account.

(iii). Copies of identity proofs of the buyer and the seller

(iv). Amount of sale consideration paid, date of payment, date of deducting tax at source.

(v). Details of property sold

(vi). Copies of PAN cards of the buyer and the seller.

Yours faithfully,


(P. Srinivasa Babu)

Income Tax Officer,

TDS Ward-2(4),


I have attached my forms as requested in the picture below , let me know any other things to be done from my end and also see my reply mail to them

Dear P. Srinivasa Babu,

Thank you for your prompt response and providing guidance on the correction process for the 26QB challan.
I am pleased to inform you that I have gathered all the necessary documents for the correction of the 26QB challan. I have attached them to this email for your review and processing.

For the “Details of property sold,” please refer to the unit details provided in the Agreement of Sale : Schedule B.

If you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Warm regards,
Raghav Bathini


Hey @raghav_munna,

After sending the e-mail, nothing much is required to be done. The Officer will consider the documents and issue appropriate intimation.

Thank you for the update

Received a reply from them and now they say they cannot consider the change

With reference to your request for change of date of payment of tax at source and total consideration of the property you are requested to substantiate your request by furnishing documentary proof. In this connection, it is also noticed that the date of deduction was 18.06.2023 and as per the receipt of challan, the date of deposit was 07.10.2023, however the date of payment was sought to be corrected as 24.10.2023. In view of the same, your request for change of date of payment of taxes cannot be considered.

Yours faithfully,


(P. Srinivasa Babu)
Income Tax Officer,
TDS Ward-2(4),

Hello @raghav_munna

As per TDS laws, TDS has to be deducted when you make the payment.

In your case, the date of payment i.e. 24.10.2023 can not be after the date of deduction i.e. 18.06.2023. Hence, they cannot make this change.

For further queries you can Book a Meet, where a tax expert can understand your situation in detail and help you accordingly.

Hi… I have submitted a fresh correction for 26QB and it is Pending AO Approval, however the Assessing officer details field is blank.

How do I know whom to submit the documents for approval? The request was rejected last time because the docs were not physically submitted to the AO.


@CA_Niyati_Mistry @Surbhi_Pal Can I submit the correction request as I paid the TDS on 7 oct and make date of payment as 24/10/2023 and date of deduction as 07/10/2023.

I tired to do the same but traces portal did not accept this and throws error as “Date of tax deduction should be greater or equal to Date of payment/credited”.

Is there any way to avoid this fine or should I pay the fine for sure, it was only the dates and I paid the TDS on right time ( earlier to the disbursement , which was delayed due to 10% will be held by banks for last amount sanctioned for the loan)

Hello @raghav_munna,

The date of payment cannot be later than the date of deduction. TDS deduction happens at the time of making the payment. Hence, the correction request you are trying to submit will not go through.

Hello @Sangeeta

You can raise a grievance or call them on the helpline number mentioned on TRACES to know the details of the AO.