File Form 26QB on Sale of Property

Hey @Surbhi_Pal
I read some blogs on this query, many had wrote that only if correction submitted through DSC there is auto approval. Mine is without DSC coz I was in presumption that e-verify or e-aadhar option will appear but nothing happened as such.
Now I think I have to visit AO for the approval.
The big problem happened here is client had bought property in co-ownership with wife but he paid till now 26 QB challan all on his name. There is joint loan account but EMI is totally paid by earning husband.
I am afraid here when I will go for AO approval and he will check property papers, he will reject it as 26QB is totally filed by husband only.
I am looking for some loop to get client out of it.

Hey @Kunjan,

The solution in this case would be visiting the AO.

Thank you Jayni for your response!


Me & my wife bought a property of 1.05Cr on 31st Jan 2024 and filed for TDS on the same day. Soon, we got a short deduction notice from ITD because we filled the amount paid as 1.05Cr in both the form 26QB challans, instead of halving the total amount paid to seller, 1.05Cr, to 52.5lacs in each form.

We quickly made the 26QB corrections by 6th Feb 2024 and the seller also proactively approved the correction on Traces. Now, the status is stuck in “Pending for AO approval” status for some time with AO details. Given, it just has been 4 days now and I might be getting impatient.

One of my CA friend has suggested that it gets auto-approved in some time. But I am still worried.
How long does it usually take get AO approval?

Please refer the screenshot

Hey @Rishab_Jaiswal,

In most cases, the AO approval is done online and the status gets updated.

You can wait for a few days. If the status does not get updated, you need to approach the AO offline.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Surbhi,

I will wait for few days.