Filling up BFLA, CYLA, and CFL section in Quicko

In AY 20-21 I had the following CFL: Speculative Business loss Rs.20,000, and ST capital loss 5000.
In AY 21-22 the short term capital loss was adjusted completely, and the entire Speculative business loss of Rs.20000 got CFL again.
Now, in AY 22-23, I still need to carry forward the speculative business loss of Rs.20000.
While filing the BFLA section under Additional Details section in Quicko, if I show both the speculative and ST Capital losses in AY 20-21, I can not show the adjustment made in AY 21-22. Because it takes only the losses. So finally in AY 22-23, my CFL would still include the capital loss which was already adjusted. What am I missing here? Can you please help?
PS: I have filed my tax return in all the previous years, and I am sure that my BFL for AY 22-23 is speculative loss of Rs.20000.

@Sakshi_Shah1 can you help ?

Hey @george
Carry Forward Loss of each year is reported under Schedule CFL in the ITR. Schedule CFL reports the final amount of loss after making adjustments for set off with other incomes. Thus, if your STCL was adjusted in AY 21-22, the CFL of AY 21-22 would not comprise of STCL but only Speculative Loss of INR 20,000.


You must enter the data of final carry forward loss as per Schedule CFL of the previous ITR filed. Therefore, enter the details of unadjusted Speculative Business Loss for the accurate calculation.

You can read more about it here - Brought Forward losses for previous financial years

Hello @Sakshi_Shah1,
just to confirm, while filling up the BFL section under Additional details in Quicko, I have to fill in fields according to the CFL section of the latest filed ITR.
It is thus immaterial which AY the losses actually happened, or when what got adjusted by how much. Only the RESULTANT losses as reflected in the CFL section of the previous filed return matters. Right?
So in my case, it would be AY 21-22, original date of filing ITR for AY 21-22, and speculative loss of 20000. Screen shot attached. Please confirm.
I appreciate your time. thanks.

Hey @george

Yes. While filling up the section BFL under Additional Details, fill in details of brought forward loss from previous years as per Schedule CFL in the previous filed ITR.
In your case, you just need to add details of the speculative loss of INR 20,000 for AY 2021-22 since it is an unadjusted loss. STCL was already adjusted and exhausted and thus need not be reported now.

The screenshot attached is okay based on the details you mentioned regarding the losses.

My queries is related to Loss adjustment against my short term and long term capital, Let me provide a brief about this.

For AY 2021-22 : Long Term Loss: Rs. 219287

For AY 2020-21: Short Term Loss: Rs. 106123

2021-2022 Financial Year - My capital gain was:
Short Term @ 15%: 29,507
Long Term @ 10% : 52,188

Once I am filling and adjusting my loss against 2021-2022 Financial Year capital gain.

STCL for AY 2020-21 Rs. 106123 is first being adjusted against your STCG & LTCG of Rs. 81695 (29507 + 52188)

Since Rs. 52,188 is long term capital gain then why it is adjusting against the For AY 2020-21: Short Term Loss: Rs. 106123.

It supposed to adjusted against the long term capital gain.

I am facing this while filling my tax using Quicko.

Please guide me about this.


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@Hem_Shah can you help here?

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@Nireka @Hem_Shah
I also had a similar question where LTCG (less than 1L) is adjusted with STCL.

Can you please elaborate on this? Thanks.

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do current year business loss set off against short term capital gains ?
in quiko website it was showing
my STCG is 98,379
business loss is 25,202
and my net profit was 73177

Hey @Geethanjali , you can set off your non-speculative business loss against any income except for salary in the current year.

However speculative business loss can only be set off against speculative business income.

Here’s an article that you may find useful

Hi @Sreetama_Chakraborty - I am facing one issue related to CFL. I am having CFL in AY21-22, which I am entering in BFLA section, but it is not correctly taken for calculation, in fact when I remove the CFL filed it takes the value on it’s own, not clear from where it is getting the CFL value of previous year although it is not entered. Can you please help here?

Why do u you setoff F&O losses with Other Incomes like Intrest income and convert it into Non speculative losses.

I had a simple doubt. From the last year itr form column with heading “Loss from business other than
loss from speculative business and specified business” specifies amount 50k. Is this the same as Non-speculative Loss in Business & Profession asked in Quicko ? I used the feature pre-fill in quicko to auto fetch values, however this Non-speculative Loss column is empty after prefill while it filled the speculative columns with correct amount. Kindly clarify.


@Muskan_Balar @Shrutika_Shah can you help?