Forming a LLP for prop trading with own funds (funds of 2 designated partners only) and no external fund raising

Can I incorporate a new LLP just for the purpose of proprietary trading in listed securities (stocks, derivatives, currency, commodity, bonds, mf etc.) using own funds of only 2 designated partners with no external funding or money raising?

I will be doing prop trading by opening account with broker and not as alpha member.

If yes, what will be its business activity and code to be mentioned during the filing of incorporation form?


It would be of much help if someone from @TeamQuicko could provide some info regarding this. I have tried many places but most local CA don’t have any idea regarding this. And many other forums are also of no help as I got no clear info.

@TeamQuicko @Nireka

@Aishwarya_Shah @Kaushal_Soni @Saad_C can you help with this?