How to add trading expenses like a channel subscription fee to ITR?


Can you please let me know, how to add a trader’s expenses to tax planner/tax filing form?
For example, how to add an amount that is spent on a YouTube channel subscription related to trading?


Hi @Nagaraj_Chillale, you can add this expense under two brackets- Advisory Expense or Other Expenses when you are filing your return through Quicko. Let me know if you need any further assistance, would gladly assist you. :blush:

Thank you Yash,

can’t this option be available in Tax planning?


Welcome @Nagaraj_Chillale, when you are using the tax planning product, only input your Net Income which essentially means removing your deductions from your Gross and then putting in the value.

The picture demonstrates if you have a turnover of 5,00,000 and an expense of 50,000 over your gain of 1,50,000 then only input 1,00,000 as your Net P&L (1,50,000-expense of 50,000)

Let me know if you need any help.