I got a notice u/s 143(1) - what should I do?

There is no mismatch, no additional demand and no refund in the intimation u/s 143(1), what should I do?

Hey @Amitabh_Verma ,

The income tax department has successfully processed the income tax return. You can simply ignore the notice. No further action is required.

Here is all you need to know about intimation u/s 143(1)

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I have received income tax demand notice u/s 143(1) in response to revised return I filed for AY 2020-21. The tax demand is due to mismatch of self-assessment tax paid receipt challan number mentioned in ITR (4 digit number : 1422) and what is shows in Form-26AS (5 digit number : 01422). I want to file rectification in reply to this notice, but I am not as still on new Income tax website, rectification option is not available. In this context, I have below questions. Please answer them and guide me. I would appreciate detailed reply.

1 - How many days I have to reply to tax demand notice?
2 - Should I wait to reply the tax demand notice till rectification option is made available on new Income tax website and I file rectification?
3 - In case I have to give reply to tax demand notice in certain time limit, then what kind of reply I should give as there is no rectification option available on new Income Tax website?

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Any help on this topic please! I am awaiting experts comments!

Hey @gydave2000

Generally, tax demand notice cum order u/s 143(1) has to be replied within 30 days. However, adjournment or stay may be granted in case of genuine hardship involved.

As online rectification is not yet enabled on income tax portal, you may contact to jurisdictional AO and along with file the grievances related the same on the income tax portal in absence of non-functionality for online rectification u/s 154.

You can read below article for more insights about 143(1) intimation order:

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@Kaushal_Soni ; Thanks you for your answer! :pray: :pray: :pray:

Hi Gaurav
how is this issue got resolved - challan number mismatch

Not yet as online rectification is still not available on new Income Tax website, so I am waiting for that facility to get available. Meanwhile, I have replied to the tax demand notice to recalculate tax computation considering 4-digit challan number with leading zero to give tax credit and take back demand notice.

Hi Gaurav

  1. Is there an option to file revised return by entering 5 digits in this case or only rectification is the option

  2. Did schema validation process throw any error while uploading the return with 4- digits

I have similar issue but didnt verify the return yet , so tryign to understand the options if this 4 digit vs 5 digit is going to result in mismatch

Hi Gaurav - has there been a closure to this based on your reply

There is now rectification option on the new Income Tax portal, however, it gives an error when we try to request for rectification for AY2020-21. I have filed the grievance for that. Unless, all glitches related to rectification are fixed, I do not think that any rectification can be made. We have to keep on checking on regular basis and better to file grievance to be at a safer side.