Income Tax Refund

Hi @satheeshb

This is usually not the case. However, you can raise a grievance on the income tax portal and get answers to your queries directly from the ITD.


Since my father-in-law had passed away last year (Nov 2023), we filed his returns nominating my mother-in-law as the proxy. While his ITR has been processed, the refund keeps failing as the system is just not accepting my mother-in-law’s bank account details for making the transfer. It keeps saying that the PAN is not updated in the bank account. While the PAN in my mother-in-law’s account has been updated since a long time, and the same has been re-confirmed with the bank. My guess is they are trying to match my FIL’s PAN with my MIL’s bank account. Would you have any suggestions on how to get this done please? Are there some easy steps that we have missed?

Please note that my father-in-law’s bank account has been shut now. So there is no possibility of getting the funds in his own bank account.

Hey @VirajGada,

With regard to your Query, you can raise a grievance on the E-Filing Portal so that the ITD can suggest further steps.

Here’s how you can submit a grievance on the e-Filing Portal.

Hi @VirajGada

What you can do is, you can assign a legal heir to your FILs e-filing portal and added a bank account where the deceased holder was a joint account holder with any other person.
Here’s an article on How to file income tax return of deceased person in India - Learn by Quicko for your reference.

If you still face issues, you can also submit a grievance on the e-Filing Portal and get in touch with the ITD who will be able to guide you better.

I am now being taxed in the UK for FY20, FY21 and FY22 on some of the income I received while working in India (because I came back to the UK during COVID). My tax for these periods is currently paid fully in India, but I will be entitled to a refund due to the DTAA.
How do I go about this? Do I need specialist help, if so can you recommend someone trustworthy and competent?
Also how long does this refund take, can it also be expected within 45 days of submission?
Thank you - the information I have read so far is exactly what I need!

Hey @matsher,

In case your residential status is NRI, you can file the belated return for FY 22-23, and claim the refund. It usually takes 45-60 days for the ITD to process the ITR and issue the refund.

If you need help from a tax expert, you can opt for our service ‘Ask an Expert’ where you get to connect with a tax expert for 30 minutes on a meeting to resolve your tax queries.

Here is the link - Ask an Expert

Hope this helps!

Hi @Surbhi_Pal thanks for your reply.
I am not NRI, I an International Worker. Is the process the same? Can I still apply for a refund by means of by latest tax return submission? Or is there some different process?
Thanks for your help.

Hey @matsher,

Yes, you can file the ITR belated return for FY 22-23, and claim the refund. For FYs prior to 22-23, an updated return, ITR-U needs to be filed. However, you will not be able to claim refund in ITR-U.