Income Tax Return e-Verification

The ITR filing process is not complete until your Income Tax Return is verified successfully. You have up to 120 days from filing the return to verify your ITR.

The Income Tax Department processes the ITR and initiates the refund, only after it is verified successfully.

There are 6 different methods to verify your return:

In mid-March 2021, the ITD sent out emails to many tax-payers:

  • From:
  • Subject: Reminder for pending Verification of Income-tax for AY 2020-21

Did you receive this email too? Here’s what you need to do:

  • If the ITR is filed with Tax Audit using your DSC, you can ignore the email since the ITR must be e-verified using the DSC.
  • If you filed ITR without Tax Audit, make sure you E-verify your ITR. In case you have already e-verified, you can ignore the email.

You can check the status of your ITR using this tool:

If I have filed a revised return, do I need to e-verify the original return or the previous return as well?

Hi @Joe_Fernandes,

If you are filing a revised return, you can only verify the latest revised return. If the previous versions of revised returns or original return is not verified, it will ve deemed to be invalid and won’t be processed by the ITD.

e-verification using Aadhaar OTP is the most widely used and fastest method to verify your return.

I had filed and e-verified my return in November 2021. I still haven’t received my refund and got the same email. Do I need to do anything? and how long until I get my refund?

Hey @Nihal,

In case you have successfully e-verified the return, you do not need to worry and can ignore the email.
Usually, the refund takes 6-9 weeks from the ITR being processed. However, it may vary based on the case-to-case basis.

You can track your refund using this tool

Hope this helps :slight_smile: