ITR AY 21-22 : Forgot to mention all Bank Account in original ITR

I have filed my ITR3 form before 31st Dec 2021 but later (i.e. 3rd Jan 2022) I realized that I have forgot to mention all bank account in my original ITR form. Rest everything was correct (Interest income from all bank account, Carry forward losses from FnO etc.).

Should I file revise ITR 3 now and will I be able to carry forward Stock Market Trading losses in the revise form as well if I revise it now after due date (i.e. 31st Dec 2021)?

Hi @Abhinav_Omar, if you revise your Income Tax Return you will be able to add your bank account and would also be able to carry forward your losses. All this would only be applicable if you have filed your original return before the due date. Hope I answered your question. :blush: