ITR filing for the sum received post the expire of Parent

Hi. My mother has received various sums of money post my father’s demise. My father’s PPF, EPF, superannuation, Bank balance, and Medi-claim, etc. My father expired in Feb 2022 and his last return was filed. But all above mention sum was received by my mother after April 2022.

My question is while filing current year ITR of my mother do I have to sum up all the above mention source and show it in the Exempt Income section or do i have to bifurcate as PPF EPF Superannuation money under the respective section for example PPF in section 10(12), superannuation in section 10(13), etc and bank balances can be shown in exempt income section.

Hi @nitinjain105

You can show the same under exempt income in your mother’s ITR.