Last date for income tax payment

I understand that the last date for filing ITR has been extended to 31st Sept. Is this extension applicable for paying tax as well? Or will be there any penalty if paid after 31st July? Please clarify. ITR-2 is applicable to me.

I think you should pay income tax before March 15 for current Financial Year.

For FY21 you should pay 100 % income tax due on or before 15th March 2021.

@TeamQuicko Can you clarify?

@ATDES is correct, you need to pay 100% of your tax liability in form of Advance tax before the 15th March of the financial year. Missing out on which may lead to interest u/s 234C and 234B

@vivek25, The last date of filing ITR when Tax Audit is not Applicable for AY 2021-22 is 30th September 2021. You can still pay self-assessment tax and declare it when filing your ITR

@Nireka Thanks.

My query relates to my senior citizen parents. I understand that they are not liable to pay advance tax.

So now after extension of due date for filing ITR, do they have time till Sept 2021 to pay self assessment tax as well? Hope I’m right?

last year I paid after 31 July 2020 as the

Though his not from income tax dept of India the reference wil be relevant

@vivek25, in case the outstanding tax liability is above INR 10,000 you should pay self-assessment tax before 31st July to avoid interest, and you can file ITR before the applicable due date.


You have mentioned that self assessment tax is to be paid by July 31st if liablility exceeds 10,000. But as per the mint article quoted by @venkat1926 , the threshold u/s Section 234A is Rs 1 Lakh.

The tax liabliltiy for FY21 is Rs 12000 for my parents and since assessee is senior citizen, advance tax is not applicable.

Please clarify.

I quote from the said article:

Like last year, the government has provided relief under Section 234A to taxpayers whose self-assessment tax is up to ₹1 lakh. Interest will be levied in case the tax liability of the person is more than ₹1 lakh

Hi @vivek25,

That is correct, interest u/s 234A will not be levied since net tax liability is less than INR 1 lakh. However, if it was above INR 10,000 interest u/s 234B would have been applicable from the beginning of the assessment year.
Here since the taxpayers are senior citizens, interest u/s 234B is not be levied since taxpayer if there is no business income. So, you can pay your taxes at the time of filing ITR.

Hope this helps!