List of expenses a trader can claim

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What portion of house rent and internet expenses be claimed as a deduction?
Assume im living alone and pay a rent of 35000 per month and an internet bill of 3000, can the total amount be deducted from gross profit from intraday trading?

Hey @xyztrader,

If you are a full-time trader and have set up a separate space for trading purposes, you can claim the amount of rent and electricity bill proportionate to the space being used for trading as an expense.

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Hi - I am a trader trading on Indian markets but I am residing outside india. Can I claim my expenses that I incurred outside india as business expenses ? eg. rent I paid in a foreign country for premises that I used for trading Or say internet expense ? These expenses are incurred outside india and I have supporting documents for those

Yes, these expenses can be claimed provided they were incurred for the purpose of the business, which is trading in your case.