Long term capital gain

Hi Team, I am preparing my income-tax return with the income-tax planning and filling software. During FY 2020-21, I have earned long-term capital gain from the sale of securities of INR 19,000 (with the sale consideration for the same being INR 65,000). As per my understanding, the long-term capital gain from the sale of securities up to INR 100,000 is not taxable. However, in my case, the LTCG of INR 19,000 is shown as taxable in the app. Request you to kindly help. Thanks in anticipation.

Hi @Mayur_Chudasama, while you use the PLANNING application we take into account all bases so that no liability remains. Considering your situation, I would advise you to use the FILING application to file your taxes wherein, as you rightfully mentioned, the 1,00,000 rupees exemption for LTCG will automatically come into play.
If you face any other issue, please do let me know. Would be glad to help.