MFU Online ... why no automatic data pull? And financial advisor charges accounting?

Why no automatic pull from trades executed on mfuonline which is the largest one for mutual fund equity as well as debt? Please consider as it is very tedious to enter complete data manually.

Further I observe there is no provision in the quicko web application for accounting charges related to services of financial advisor.

Hi @SK_Wadhwa

We are actively working on partnering with tech-enabled investment platforms.

As of now, MFU is not integrated with Quicko.
However, you can Import trades using the Quicko template for the brokers not listed with us. Or add the capital gain income manually.

Here’s how you can Add Business/ Profession Expenses : Help Center on Quicko. Or you can also enter the expenses incurred for the sale of securities in the Quicko template itself.

We also have a team of tax experts who can help you file an ITR and add the data on your behalf through an online MEET consultation. Here’s how you can Book a MEET.