Only F&O loss and no other income

I want to file ITR for the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021
I have no income source as I am a student but I do F&O trading and had a loss of 15,000 (-15,000) and a STCG on intraday equity of 8,000

How should I report and file this?

Hey @Gaurav_Jain, you would have to file ITR 3 to disclose your F&O trading activity under income from business and profession and will have to disclose your STCG under income from capital gains.

Thanks Maharshi for the info.

Can I set off my F&O loss against STCG for next year or against salary?

Hey @Gaurav_Jain ,

F&O loss is a non-speculative business loss and the same cannot be set off against STCG for next year or against salary. Please read about Set off of losses here.

Non-Speculative Business Loss can be adjusted against any income except Salary in current year. Remaining loss can be carried forward for 8 years and can be set off against business or profession income in future years.

Hope it helps.

While preparing BS, what should be considered as asset for salaried person? How to tally Asset and Liability? Where to mention Options turnover?