Problem in filing dir-6

I am filing dir-6 and my client has single name i.e SUMALINEE, but every time dir -6 showing error that first name or last name entered. pls help me as limit of 30 days going to be over

Hey @Sofiyah_Valiante ,

In case Director’s/ Designated Partner’s name is to be corrected, enter the correct full name.
-Single alphabet is not allowed in field ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ in case director/ designated partner is Indian. “Middle Name” is an
optional field. You should enter it only if a middle name exists.
-Prefixes like Mr. / Ms. / Kumari / Shri etc. are not acceptable. The name should be filled exactly as given in the identity proof including the spelling. Please ensure that you provide your first, middle and last name in the respective fields.
It is mandatory to enter either applicant’s first name or applicant’s last name.
However, in case of Indian nationals, single name shall be allowed only in case same single name is there in Income tax PAN.