Response to Income Tax Notice via the Compliance Portal

The objective of the e-campaign portal is to facilitate taxpayers to validate their financial transaction information against the information available with the Income Tax Department and promote voluntary compliance so that they do not need to get into notice and scrutiny process.

Hello guys, I have a salaried job and I also run my business where I help people to avail services like e-ticketing and bill payment. since my business is of small scale, I do not have a current account, I use my savings account. I have some cash deposits which are from my business. Can you help me to report cash deposits in my saving accounts. I will be obliged, if you can help me. This will help me to file my taxes with quicko easily.

Hey @Dia_malhotra,

Taxpayers who have received any such verification issue needs to submit a response on those issues raised. The response has to be submitted online by logging into the compliance portal.

Hope this helps ! :slight_smile: