Section 245 of Income Tax Act

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The Income Tax Department sends notices to the taxpayer for a variety of reasons. The Intimation under Section 245 of the Income Tax Act is sent in case of outstanding demand. In simple words, if a taxpayer has an outstanding tax liability of a previous financial year, the Assessing Officer (AO) can adjust such a…

Hi @emmy

You can follow the steps given to submit a response to the IT Department

  • Firstly, login to the income tax efiling portal using your ID and password
  • Click on e-File > Response to Outstanding Demand
  • Click on the Option to “Submit” if you wish to respond to this notice.
  • Clicking on submit would take you to a different screen where you will be asked to choose from one of the 4 options as shown below.
  1. Demand is correct
  2. Demand is partially correct
  3. Disagree with Demand
  4. Demand is not correct but agree for adjustment
  • Select the applicable option and submit

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