Tax Audit Required

Hi Team,
I am a salaried person and i am filing my ITR from last 7 years.
I started trading from last financial year.

My question is, Is Tax audit is applicable for below case?

Salary - 9,00,000
option Trading -
loss - 2,29,000(2,9 Lakhs)
turnover - 1,70,00,000 (1,7 Cr)

loss - 8,850
turnover - 27,340

@Nireka @TeamQuicko could you plese help.
As i need paid CA assisted option here, if its applicable

@Alex, sure. If you can share your contact details on Quicko | Contact Us our team will get in touch with you to understand your income situation and suggest the applicable plan, process & discount for ITR filing :slight_smile: