Tax Savings on Tax Planner App

I saw in Quicko an option wherein a Zerodha user can login via Kite and his TaxPnL is auto-populated by the click of a button and his annual STCG and LTCGs are calculated from his trades on Zerodha trading platform.

I was wondering whether the transactions done in Coin by Zerodha would also be tracked and its Gains/Losses would be also considered for annual STCG and LTCG during filing of returns?
Is there a feature like that in Quicko presently?

Hey @Aby_Math ,

When you login via Kite onto Zerodha, your entire tax P&L figures are auto-populated. This means that your mutual funds P&L is also picked up from Coin. Login via kite gives access to Console which means that your mutual funds trade data via Coin is picked up as well and LTCG/STCG is shown on Quicko accordingly for filing of returns.

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Thank you for your time @Aakash_L .