TDS processed with defaults u/s 200A

Agreement happened in Apr 2024. Paid 1% TDS on same day (1.7 lakh). After receiving short deduction notices, we got to know that seller PAN and Aadhaar wasn’t linked. They linked it in May 2024. But still get short deduction notice of 19%. We won’t be able to pay 34 lakh (due to home loan and EMI) and not sure if seller will be, too. Will there be penalty involved?

Is there a way out of this? Can we appeal to tribunal? Can someone please advice?

My agreement happened on 22nd of May.
Total consideration amount is 1cr 12 lakhs.
I paid Rs 1,12,000 as TDS. I made the payment on the date of PAN aadhar link happened i.e of 14th June 2024.
Now I have received a TDS short notice. What can be done now?


In both these cases, paying the short deduction is the only way out. We can still wait if anyone in the community has encountered such a situation and has a solution.

Thanks. Short deduction was paid last year. Now seller wants to claim the refund through ITR as he has no income.
Also, when I checked TRACES portal I see that only 1% of TDS amount is claimed and remaining 19% which was charged to me (buyer) as a Demand due to missed Seller’s Aadhaar - PAN linkage at the time of payment last year is not utilized and showing as “Partially Claimed”. What are the options to the seller to get the amount?

I have got site just 2day back that’s on 27th June 2024 in Bangalore and I have paid TDS of 65000 for 6500000 as 1% but now I have got as defaulter. Since seller pan and Aadhaar is not linked. Please can u help me on this issue @Surbhi_Pal @ Please give me a call to below number or please give me ur number so that I can connect @Shakti Kumar

Name : Raghavendra N
Mobile: 7892558382

please let me know, i have also got demand notice of 19% whats the solution. it will help definitely to big community

look forward to get one more announcement, I paid 1% TDS on 28th June2024 and got the notice on 2nd July , tax dept is so punctual in serving notice. Another announcement will be big relief.,

Hi @Dharmesh_T , are you saying there is another announcement is going to come for the demand relaxation ?

I am asking, is their any chance for another announcement for demand on relaxation?

@Surbhi_Pal @CA_Niyati_Mistry Hi
I need your guidance and have question. I purchased property in December 2023 and payed TDS as 1% later I got demand of 20% from Incom tax dept. I payed the amount asked of 20%. I got email from Tax department that my payment is reprocessed successfully and no libality on me… Now when seller is trying to file return he is only able to see 1% TDS amount and 26 AS is not reflecting the 20% TAX which I payed as buyer… now seller is asking me to file a refund based on u/s 200A.
What should I do ? Can seller not file refund by his own ? Please help…