Way to claim Pre construction home loan interest


I(first time buyer) purchased an plot for self occupation through Bank plot+construction loan and will pay interest 50,000 from December 2021 to March 2022 and Bank will give me construction Certificate in March 2022.
As i am government salaried person and submitted all tax details of FY2021-22 with Employer’s green sheet except pre-construction interest.

There are some questions of my above case only in which i have some confusion:

  1. When do we have to make this 50,000 claim:

    • Can i claim this interest amount at a time of ITR filling in July2022
    • Should i show up 50,000 amount in Employer’s Green Sheet of FY2022-23
  2. Under Section 24(B), Preconstruction interest can be claimed in 5 equal instalment after completion
    of construction.In My case,

    Home Loan Interest of FY2021-22 = 50,000 (10K + 10K + 10K + 10K + 10K)
    Home Loan Interest of FY2022-23 = 1,50,000

    How much interest amount of FY2021-22 can claim in Fy2022-23:: 50,000 or 10,000 ?

  3. Can anyone claim more than one installments at same time if the total amount does not exceed 2 Lakh by adding that installment amount ?



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