Write-off stocks that are not traded & claim capital loss

I want to dispose off non-traded stocks , how can I do that, I tried today for ‘ EVERONN EDUCATION LIMIT ‘ , however I got the error message that Stock not traded on the selected exchange:Please check the exchange selected or refer to the stock list

I want to sell them at loss and claim the loss while filing capital gain . if someone knows how to sell / transfer them off the market , would be great help

Hey @Hemant_Sancheti

You cannot claim any capital losses unless you sell the stocks at a loss.

Stocks which are not traded on any exchange will have to be sold off market via DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip). For this purpose, you will have to physically find a buyer who’s willing to buy such stocks.

Alternatively, my personal advice would be that you write to the company expressing you willingness to sell the shares and the promoter may buy them.

If you can’t find a buyer or the promoters don’t want to buy then you have no option but to hold these shares.

If you still want claim the benefit of capital loss (for off-set against gains) what you can do is transfer such shares to any of your family member via DIS.

Feel free to reach out for further clarification.

Hope you find this helpful. :slight_smile: