Advance Tax Payment made after 15th March

Hello, I paid tax under minor head “Advance Tax” after 15th March. What will happen to these payments? Do I need to submit a request for challan correction? The challans I added under tax credits for the dates after march 15th are not reflected under advance tax calculator section. Can someone help with this?

Hey @scorpios70,

Any tax paid between 15th to 31st March is also considered advance tax. You will have to check whether the relevant assessment year was added while making the tax payment.

Can you please let us know where you are trying to add the tax credits?

@Surbhi_Pal , Thank you for your response. I added them under tax planning new vs old regime → tax credits. But when I went to advance tax tab it still shows only 40k instead of 140k I paid in Q4 because I paid 40k on 15th March and the remaining 100k on 22nd March. That’s where I got confused.

Hey @scorpios70,

Please reach out to so the team can analyse the issue and help with the resolution.

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