AIS - Dividend Entries dates wrong

My AIS for FY 2023-24 showing Dividend entries for the amount received dates after 31-03-2024. Do I need to show this while filling my ITR for FY: 2023-24 (AY 2024-25) or ignore it and add in next year ITR.


You need not report the income if it was not received in the relevant FY. However, you should provide feedback in the AIS so that the entries are corrected.

Hello, I have similar issue and to elaborate on the issue, even though dividend is paid after 31st March 2024, ex-dividend date was prior to 31st March 2024. In this case, the company has shown TDS in FY2023-24 and hence AIS also shows dividend income and TDS in FY 2023-24. Can you please clarify, I don’t think it can be ignored and the amount will have to be considered in FY 2023-24 only and not FY 2024-25.

Hi @deepakm007
It depends on the method of accounting which is being followed. In case of dividend the obligation to deduct TDS is on earlier of payment or credit. In your case since the company must have accounted for dividend based on accrual system and thus has deducted TDS. However, if you are following the cash basis then you can declare the same as income in the year in which it is received and accordingly you can carry forward the TDS deduction and claim it in subsequent year (in the year of receipt). Hope this clarifies!

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