Alert Notification Message over mail not able recaive

Hi All,

I am trying to create TDS Ctraces account as a tax payer, I followed all the steps and got the activation code 2 for registration on TRACES on mobile, but yet to get the mail.
my doubt is getting the activation link over mail how long it will take ?
if not able to activate the account within 48 hours I have to re-register on the tds traces side?
how long it will take to get the activation link over a mail?
I tried to re-register in the traces side it telling that PAN is not updated in traces maste data base

guys please help me what I need to

Thanks in advance.

Hello @niraj_goswami,

Generally, the activation link email takes up to 10 minutes. You can check the spam or junk folder of the email, there might be a chance that the mail has landed up there in spam.

If you don’t receive the activation link, you will have to re-register on TRACES.

Hope this helps!