Annual General Meeting

What is the due date to hold AGM for FY 2020-21

Hello @Paritosh_Trivedi

The due date to hold the AGM for the FY 2020-21 is within 6 months of the end of the Financial Year, unless any extension provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Hence, if FY 2020-21 ends on 31/03/2021, the last date of holding an AGM will be 30/09/2021.

You can read more about various mandatory compliances and their due dates here:

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What is the due date of AGM? Also, can i maintain AGM minutes in electronic form?

Hey @Archan434

The due date to hold Annual General Meeting is within 6 months of the end of a financial year. Yes, AGM minutes can be maintained in an electronic form.

You can read about preparing AGM Minutes here:

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What attachments are required in ADT-1?

Hey @vijaydutta1

e-Form ADT-1 is the notice by the Company to Registrar intimating the appointment of an auditor. Such form shall be accompanied by Appointment Letter by company, consent letter by auditor and a board resolution regarding the appointment.

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Can AGM be called at shorter notice? Also, when can an AGM be held?

Hello @emmy

Yes, AGM can be held at a shorter notice if consent of atleast 95% of the members entitled to bote has been obtained. AGM can be held on any day including a public holdiday or Sunday except a national holiday

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