Applicability of Sec 80D to HUF

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I have a question regarding admissibility of deductions under Sec 80D as applicable to HUFs.


I am a retd Army officer, age 60+.

I do not have any medical insurance. In lieu, I am claiming a deduction of Rs. 50,000 under Sec 80D on medical expenses related to my health.

I also have a HUF with my son who is 35 yrs old.

My son too does not have medical insurance. (He is covered by a group health policy in the company where he works.)

Question: Over and above my personal deduction, can the HUF claim deduction under Sec 80D for myself and my son?

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Hey @Yeti

Deduction can be claimed only when you make the payment and avail the insurance policy.

Since you or your son does not have policy you cannot claim the same.

The policy by the company of your son is not eligible for exemption since payment is made by company and not your son.


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Thanks for trying to help.

It would actually be helpful if you knew the subject before putting pen to paper. You do a disservice to readers on this forum by giving wrong advice. (If I did not know better, I would lose money by following your incorrect advice.)
For your info, deduction can be claimed under Sec 80D for actual medical expenses incurred - if one does not have medical insurance. (Please check the IT rules on the subject of admissibility of Sec 80D deductions if you do not believe me.)

As for applicability of Sec 80D to the HUF, it remains unanswered. Better if this was answered by someone who really knows the subject matter at hand.

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