Can I claim tax deduction on Medical Expenditure not approved by Health Insurance?

If I have spent 75000 as a medical expenditure on self and if 50000 is approved by health insurance.
Can I claim tax deduction on Medical Expenditures not approved by Health Insurance? Or can it be declared in ITR ?

Hi @vigneshpai

Section 80D of the income tax allows individuals and HUFs (Hindu Undivided Family) to claim a deduction for the amount paid towards medical insurance premiums, medical expenditures, and preventive health checkups.

You could claim deductions up to INR 25,000 (INR 50,000 for Senior Citizens ) u/s 80D.

You can claim the eligible amount as a deduction by declaring the same in your Income Tax Return.
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The Premiums paid on Health Insurance is deductable u/s 80D. Is there any provision to claim deduction on expenses not covered/approved during an insurance claim. Say 25000 in the above stated example?

Hi @vigneshpai

Under section 80D only you can claim a deduction of Rs 5,000 for other health expenditures and check-ups other than the Insurance Premium, which includes the overall limit of Rs 25,000.

Hope this helps.