Capital Gain Statements

According to this post, I need capital gain statements to file ITR.

However, I received no such statement after redemption. I tried to generate one using this:

But it says there is no data for provided Mirae folio number for provided FY, but I can see both purchase and redemption from CAS so I am very confused. Is there some other way to generate these statements?

Hey @ztvusbqpvrco, you can try downloading the statement from here:

Hi @Maharshi_Shah, thanks for replying.

Not sure why, but this is also not working. Same combination of FY-PAN generates CAS successfully with purchases and redemptions for all schemes as I expected, but it is reporting that capital gain is unavailable. The report contains details for axis only, and not mirae. Can you suggest why?

I use paytm money to invest in direct mutual funds, in case this matters.

@ztvusbqpvrco, would suggest you to raise a request with the investor platform you are using to receive statements made for any transactions that have taken place.