Choice of ITR for Salary and STCG?

Hello Team,

I have through the contents available on this platform regarding the choice of ITR forms for the following :

  1. Income from Salary
  2. STCG and LTCG

I am super confused when I see different responses by Quicko Q&A team where some are sugegsting to go for ITR-2 and others suggesting for ITR-3. I am looking for your help to get my doubts clear.

Last year I filed ITR-4 for that matter as per quicko’s suggestion. However, with this new portal ITR-4 seems not available for me as it is asking for the business details which do not have any.

Appreciate for your guidance !


Hey @Waqar ,

As you are having Salary Income & STCG/LTCG the correct ITR Form for you would be ITR 2.

ITR 3 is applicable when you have Intraday/F&O Income/losses or you have any other business/profession income.

You can use below tool to identify which ITR you needs to be filed:

Hope it helps!

Hi @Waqar,

As @Saad_C suggested, if you have Salary and Capital Gains you need to file ITR 2.

You can use this tool to know which ITR form is applicable to you

If you can you share your contact details on Quicko | Contact Us our team will get in touch with you to understand your income situation and address your concerns better.

Thank you for your help @Saad_C & @Nireka

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