Claim TDS more/less than shown in Form 26AS

What if I claim more TDS as compared to 26AS?

hi @Archan434

As per the rules of Income Tax Act, the IT Department would send out a notice if there is a TDS mismatch in Form 26AS and ITR. The TDS Certificate i.e. Form 16/ Form 16A is issued every quarter. You must check the TDS credits and match it with Form 26AS.

Hope this helps!

TDS nil 0 deducted on dividend paid by company is reflected in 26AS. But reporting in ITR2 under TDS2 is disabled. Whether Nil TDS entries are required to report in ITR2 under ‘Tax Paid’ schedule? I have already sent email to income tax india regarding this issue. Please comment

Hi @Vivekdesai,

In case the TDS does not reflect any amount in Form 26AS, you shouldn’t have to report it under tax credits. However, you should disclose the income under the relevant income head when filing your ITR