Claiming deduction for expense reimbursed

I am employed with an NGO on salary basis & tds is deducted u/s192 for AY 2022-23.I have also travelled in india on official tour during the same AY for which expenses on Air travel,Lodging ,boarding & conveyance are reimbursed by the Director of NGO from his account , and TDS has been deducted on such reimbursement & deposited with govt u/s 194JB under his own TAN no. The Salary TDS TAN is different & as such this reimbursement is not reflected in my salary form 16. However both the salary TDS & TDS on reimbursement amount is reflected in my form 26AS.Please clarify whether I can claim exemption u/s10(14)(ii) for such reimbursement, if yes then how to claim in ITR under which head.I have only interest income other than above & as such am I required to file ITR 1 or2? I tried claiming the reimbursement by first adding as income from other sources & claiming deduction u/10(14(ii) but the return does not go through as deduction u/s10 (14)ii) should be included under the head salary as per return.

Hey, in order to claim exemption u/s 10(14), the allowance should form a part of your salary structure. If your employer has deducted TDS u/s 194JB, such income will be considered as a professional income and you can’t claim exemption against that u/s 10(14).

Note that if you report professional income, you need to file ITR 3 or 4