Claiming TDS of previous years in current year ITR

An individual is going to file his ITR for the fist time in AY 22-23. He was unaware of these procedures throughout the years in the past. It has been brought to light that there are unclaimed TDS amounts under his name since AY 16-17. No ITRs in those AYs were filed by him in the past.
Can those be claimed against current year’s income tax?? or even at least some part of those??
If so, how and what is the procedure???

The individual has records of income for all those PYs and is willing to disclose it altogether in this AY, if the entire TDS can be utilised.

Hi @vaish

Unfortunately, if you have not filed income tax returns for the specific assessment years in which there are unclaimed TDS amounts, you’re not eligible to claim those unclaimed TDS amounts now.

It is not possible to utilize those unclaimed TDS amounts in this filing year AY2023-24.