Confusion about Section 24(b)

Hi Experts,

I am salaried person and filling ITR1.
I am paying 1,40,00 interest annually on home loan. and showing section 24(b) in employer tax sheet. But employer’CA is showing my home loan interest entry in “section 192(2B) : In come from house property” Form16 and when i am filling online ITR then autofilled entry showing in Section 80EEA. How can i change my entry from 80EEA to 24(B) in online ITR?

Word of section 24(b) is neither in form16 nor in online ITR , why income tax department not providing this section ?

Hi @Kuldeep_Singh

If you’re preparing your return on Quicko, you can easily edit the amount under Steps to add House Property Income : Help Center (Section 24(b)) or under Add Tax Breaks : Help Center (Section 80EEA).

You can claim the interest on home loan under any one of the sections, which is more appropriate and you’re satisfying the conditions to claim the same.

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