Correction of seller PAN in tds challan

I have submitted PAN correction request to update Pan number of seller, currently it is showing pending with PAN approval. However it’s been 4 days no action is showing to seller to approve request.
How much time it takes

Hey @Sagar_Lohiya

The seller must log in to the Traces portal using their PAN and proceed to verify the correction request under the ‘Track Correction Request’ tab. Here, they must approve the request. Once the seller approves it, you will be able to see the updated status in your profile.

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Thanks @CA_Jayni_Bhavsar

But seller doesn’t have account on traces
So if he creates account using taxpayer, will he be able to see correction request

Hello @Sagar_Lohiya

Yes, if the seller creates their profile on traces using PAN as a taxpayer, they will be able to see the correction request.

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How seller can create his account in traces, i can see 4 options available, here there are 2 buyers, so which is the best option to select while creating traces login by seller

My situation is same I have made a correction in Traces and it’s showing pending for PAN approval here the buyer needs to approve correct ? Do they have any deadline or target date within these days they need to approve or any communication been sent to buyer over email or text message as I am not sure they have any account created in traces as I have recently received an email that there is a disagreement from the buyer side please advice what I need to do

Hey @Sasikala.123,

You can register on TRACES as a taxpayer using your PAN.

Hey @Sk_Md,

Form 26QB is required to be filed by the buyer.

If the buyer of the property has made any changes in the form 26QB regarding the PAN of the seller then the request will go to the seller. Further, the seller needs to register on Traces and has to approve from his end.

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For 26qc correction Tenant has filed the correction. currently it is showing pending with PAN approval.
Now landlord has register in traces but unable to find where is the approval option.Please help its urgent