Cost of Acquisition

I have been a shareholder of Tata Steel since 1984-85 as I received shares on conversion of 13.5 % Convertible Bonds.

Kindly advise what should be considered as cost of acquisition of these shares as I could not find any old records about face value of the bonds, conversion ratio, conversion price etc.

Inquiries with RTA has drawn a blank as the matter pertains to the era of physical holdings and nobody seems to have any clue. Google search did not help.

Can any staff or member of this website help?


Is poison pill allowed in india ?


Poison pill is a method used by a company’s management to protect itself from being taken over by another company.


Do sebi allow this ?


Hello @nayakd1

In such case where the information is not available, you can consider the Fair Market Value as on 01.04.2001 as the cost of acquisition.

Hope this helps!

Hello @HIREiN

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