Credit amount of TDS cannot be more than your gross salary

Background : I made a job switch in Jan 2024 and from Feb 2024 I started getting payroll from some other company

Let’s call the company I worked from April 2023-Jan 2024 as company A and the other one as company B

When I upload form 16a and form 16b of company A, I am getting error message as

Credit amount of TDS cannot be more than your gross salary

I am not getting what is meaning of it. Can someone explain what to do? Shall I make my credit amount as gross salary amount which I see on quicko portal after upload form 16 of company A?

Hi Vineet,

Can you please reach out at along with the Form 16 that you have? The support team will analyse the issue and help you find a resolution.

Have mailed them. Still stuck. Can you share what I should add manually?

Hey @Vineet_Sharma,

I’ve escalated the issue. The team shall assist you with the ticket raised.


Thanks for prompt escalation. However, suggestion of helpdesk still does not work. I deleted salaries and for salary section I did ITD autofil option(as suggested in reply from helpdesk). But it returns me, “There is no salary to import”. How to go ahead?

I would request to kindly upload a video on how to use Quicko platform latest video again. Older videos are stale now

Overall not a good user experience compared to last time

Facing same issue when the two form16 is used. This is blocking the filing even when all the details are matched.